Kyoshi Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez Kyoshi Luis Fernandez began Karate training in 1965 under the tutelage of Art Aviles, Sensei, and Frank Ruiz, Hanshi in the Gojuryu style in New York.In 1971 Fernandez started his Shorinryu training with first generation student of Eizo Shimabukuro, Hanshi, Charles Bonét, Kyoshi. During the 1980’s Fernandez initiated a relationship with Shimabukuro, Hanshi and was appointed as Shibucho (S.E. Regional Director) for the Okinawan Shorinryu International Association (O.S.K.I.A.). During this time Fernandez received special training in Okinawa and hosted and coordinated visits and training with other dojo’s in the U.S. During one of his last visits to Florida Shimabukuro, Hanshi designated Bill Hayes, Kyoshi, and Fernandez as head of the technical committee for the association. Shimabukuro, Hanshi also granted Fernandez, the rare Karate Master Instructor license and the rank of Nanadan (7th Dan) in 2001.

Shimabukuro, Hanshi appointed Fernandez as the Sho-Shibucho (U.S. Director) for O.S.K.I.A. Shortly after, Shimabukuro, Hanshi contacted Fernandez and stated that the Sho-Shibucho position was not a good idea, after meeting with some students in Okinawa. In 2002 Fernandez, Kyoshi resigned from O.S.K.I.A. to focus on his dojo curriculum, students, and organization.

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Fernandez Ranks, and Certification:

8th Dan 05/14/1998 under John Pachivas, Hanshi , U.S.K.A.

7th Dan 05/18/2000 under Eizo Shimabukuro, Hanshi, O.S.K.I.A.

Karate Master Instructor License 06/30/1999 under Eizo Shimabukuro, O.S.K.I.A.

6th Dan 06/02/1992 under Frank Ruiz, Hanshi, Nisei Gojuryu

5th Dan 06/05/1987 under Aquiles Yang, Sabunim, World Kukiwan Association (Tae Kwon Do)

Instructor Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 10/12/2002 under Rigan Machado

Fernandez Highlights:

1980 Henry Cho’s All American Grand Champion (Madison Square Garden)

1992 Florida Black Belt Association Kumite and Kata Champion

1993 Featured in Great Karate Inspirations (Martial Arts Documentary)

1993 South Atlantic Kumite Grand Champion

1994 World Cup Heavyweight Champion (James L. Knight Center)

1994 Silver Cup Fighter of the Year Award

1994 World Martial Arts Congress Hall of Fame (Inducted)

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